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Visit our Full-On Image-Style Salon & Portrait Studio. Equipped with expertly curated authentic High End Vintage Clothing & Accessories, Rare Textiles to embellish your personal spaces with, and Unique Ensemble making components for Men & Women…

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The Story...

Here, proprietress, Jessie Matrullo, utilizes her wonderful space to visually transform and transcend the fashion ordinary!
Her photographic abilities and styling genius have fixated upon creating the unimaginable in wearable art. Her talents exceed that of the uncommon and are immediately recognizable at every photo shoot.
The studio, if you will, which houses a wide array of her camera ready wardrobe, props and jewelry, often doubles as a space for styling, portrait photography and intimate photo shoots. A true visual feast of one-of-a-kind, hand selected styles, worn by everyday people who seem born into this field. That is what Miss Matrullo' does best! She brings out the extraordinary in everyone...
With her innate ability to naturally and comfortably create more than just an atmospheric photo session, she creates a fashion lifestyle, injecting a proportionate amount of herself, her love and passion for clothing, as art, as well as a touch of whimsy, a dash of attitude and a generous amount of embellishment, embarking on a recipe rich in organic personal experience.
To her credit, she has worked on films, videos, and has been written up on multiple occasions in periodicals, interviewed by local correspondents and has earned critical acclaim in her field.

Her main focus is a cross-cultural blend of coupling people and clothing with fashion sensibilities uniquely associated with one's own personality.
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